Saturday, September 10, 2016

Pregnancy Comparisons, Worries

Pregnancy is really poopy at the moment. The normal complaints, swelling feet, hurts to move, cant hold Ella for very long, hard to lay down, hard to get up, hard to keep up with Ella in general, you know.

It is interesting to compare bumps with Ella. I've gained around the same weight it seems. around 40 lbs or so, but it does seem all in the bump and not as much all around.

I did have an emergency c-section the first time, and I'm in the green to go for a VBAC this time around. The only catch, I have to basically go into labor naturally before 39 weeks (because of diabetes, I have to delivery by 39 weeks), otherwise I'll just have another scheduled c section. Maybe if I'm a little farther along dilation and effacement wise, they'll induce me before 39 weeks, but it seems the doctors don't love that idea. Induction increases the chance of my c section scar bursting open. We'll see how it goes. I've been having non-stress tests twice a week where they measure baby's heart rate and make sure it goes up when the baby moves and NOT down when/if I have a contraction. They've been going pretty well. Also, my belly is so so so itchy, so they've taken blood to see if I have chloestasis, a liver condition that can affect baby. It's not likely, as the itching isn't on my hands and feet (the usual symptoms) but the doctors wanted to check anyway. I'll get those results soon.

Having two kids is frightening. Brent thinks I get overwhelmed a lot with just one. Which is a little offensive. But sometimes true. I just cry a lot- so its super obvious I'm overwhelmed. I MEAN THATS NORMAL RIGHT IM NOT BEING DRAMATIC. Being overwhelmed is very natural- being so pregnant with an irrational toddler, but I just wish I wouldn't express being overwhelmed by crying. It's so obvious and public.


  1. You're not being dramatic. It's friggin hard!!!!! I'm right there with ya mama. Love you. Maybe someday we will look back and our blog posts and think we were being dramatic. But TODAY, RIGHT NOW, when the toddler is screaming and your back is killing is not dramatic.

  2. Courage! Not much longer... your Mom & Dad be back to lend a hand in a couple of DAYS! Yes- this final month is difficult, Pat couldn't even drive herself.
    Seems longer than it is. Us Moms all understand. Your lovely little Ella has a mind of her own...GOOD. You and Brent have to be patient with a 2 year old.
    Thinking of you- and love you, Brent & Ella, from Granny Phoebe.

  3. Oh I so feel you -- I cry out of rage... and it feels so humiliating! You are looking great by the way, and also I am with you on the having two kids is frightening thing... I've had nights where I've spontaneously started crying just thinking about having a newborn again!!

  4. You are carrying this little baby girl lower than Ella. But you look terrific!
    Emotions are intensified for sure. But, you are an awesome mom, Ella is proof of that!! Smart, Beautiful, Funny. Missing the 4 of you:-)