Thursday, August 25, 2016


Ella busted her bottom lip the other day. We just came inside the house and her little feet were wet and slippery from playing in some water outside- and down she went on the floor. Her top teeth biting her bottom lip. I picked her up, and there was blood all around her mouth and dripping out. It was horrible, my heart stopped a little bit.

Does she need stitches? how soon do I need to force her to open her mouth to assess the situation- given that she's crying so intensely? I wasn't sure.. but I did end up waiting a few min for her to calm down and I think that was the right decision.

It didn't seem too bad once I wiped off all the blood- thank heavens. and it seems to be healing nicely. She seemed pretty interested in taking a photo of it...

I hope I have a bit tougher skin when my kids break their arm or have some bigger injury which I'm sure will happen. It is traumatizing.

Speaking of traumatizing, I lost Ella in Costco the other day. It was for about 5 min. Which felt you know, so so long. I was calling out her name and trying to calm my breathing. I ended up finding her climbing in the middle of a clothes rack, like a hooligan, hidden from view.

Kids are tricky.


  1. Brings back a memory... When Pat was 4, jumping up & down on the bed (which was forbidden) holding a GLASS piggy bank. She fell on the floor, glass piggy bank broke, her cheek was gashed so open it was hanging down in a gap! I did take her to the emergency room and (oh my!) a plastic surgeon was called in. She was strapped down and stitched up! (I was not allowed in to see this!).
    Your Dad also fell and bashed his chin open on the front steps (you can still see the scar!) Oh Yes... it happens! Your understanding Granny Phoebe.

  2. Another memory- after ALL these years...I was 4 years old, Christmas crowd in London Street, Norwich. I turned around - Where was my Mummy? I was lost, and crying. A lady took my hand- ah- but I knew what to do. "I am Phoebe Withers and I live at 114 Ketts Hill, Norwich. Mother had taught me. BUT THEN, mother found me- but I still remember.

  3. Hannah, Thank you ALWAYS for your honesty. You are the best mommy blogger out there because you are so really real. LOVE YOU! -S