Friday, December 9, 2016

Happy Birthday Granny Phoebe!

A generous and beautiful granny, an excellent biscuit baker, and can tell a real good story- when you want one and when you don't :)

Love you so much Granny Phoebe and the happiest of birthdays. Ella is lucky to be named after you.


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  2. What a surprise to see ME on your Blogg, Hannah! That picture taken of me looking in the mailbox of your great granny and grandpa Dunn's mailbox was taken when I first came to this country to marry your Grandfather, Pinky. AH! He was a lovely man and we were so much in love... I sent this picture to my Mum & Dad in England so they could see this strange way Americans received their mail. (Ours came through the front door letterbox!)

  3. What is up with that first comment? HAHA. And Happy Birthday to your sweet grandma Phoebe! I love all of her comments :)