Saturday, December 24, 2016

Ella Chats: 2 1/2

Some things Ella says:

when I ask if she wants to go the park, "Maybe Yes?" And another time she answered, "Um, sure."

The other morning after waking up in our bed with Brent, she says to him, "You are my best friend." Heart eyes all around! Then she said it to me, and then Lucy. But it was lovely every time.

Brent and I saw a movie today and our neighbors were kind enough to watch both Ella and Lucy. Ella has never stayed with them before so I was prepping her beforehand about how she was going to stay at Lori and Kristen's house and then I would come back for her. She said, "I'm scared about that... a tiny bit" while putting her thumb and pointer finger together to show me just a little bit.

I told her we were going to the bouncy place to play, she responds with an unelicited "I'm excited!"

She asked me if she could put orange soda in her chili. I told her that wouldn't taste very good, and she responded, "Well, I have to try it." Parent logic about tasting food before judgment turned against me.

I got my haircut a month or so ago, and when I came home she said, Mom your hair looks so nice! as she smoothed her hands over my head. Girlfriend notices the details.

Eleanor is annoying 75% of the time, but I love her and I think she's a genius. I think I mostly need to adjust my attitude about the annoying part...


  1. YOU ARE CORRECT, Hannah... Both my great grand-daughters are geniuses- and that is my unbiased opinion! It comes from my side of the family, of course. My mother (born in 1902) passed a scholarship to a prestigous private High School in Ely, Cambridgeshire (England). She could play lovely classical music on the piano,(but never had any lessons). AND married my Dad, a most kindly, considerate & helpful man (as your Dad is.)

  2. I love this and I love reading your blog. Ella is so smart and cute. I love her personality. How awesome would it be to live closer and be able to be around each other's kids (also...babysitting trades!) Dang. Thank goodness for blogs!