Monday, July 3, 2017

Parenting differences, Lake-ing

Brent and I are an amazing couple, obviously. ;) We were friends for ages before dating, and when we did date, we got along wonderfully. Yet, we fought a lot when we were engaged, somehow. I think its because he had a big family, and I wanted a smaller wedding, and those things just can't go together while making everyone feel included.

I don't think we ever fought the first 2 years of marriage. People say the first year of marriage is hard, but it wasn't at all. It was awesome.

But after having kids? ...

I don't know if fighting is necessarily the right word, but we have a lot of differences that may or may not lead to a slightly tense chat... depending on how emotionally charged I am about the difference.

I get anxious when I let them watch too much TV. Brent doesn't mind in the least.

I consider myself a slow parent, and let Ella take 25 minutes to look at ants on the sidewalk when we walk to the park. Or, let her play in the photo booth at the mall for a while as I sit on the bench. Where do I have to be, anyway? nowhere. Brent does not appreciate loitering, or unplanned child nonsense. Especially if its hot outside.

I want to take a gamble and take the girls to the zoo on a saturday even if it means Ella might have 2 tantrums and Lucy might have one on the way back. Brents like, no, I don't want to put in the work for a family outing that will take all day and its possible it'll go badly and you'll have a bad attitude when I don't wait for Ella to watch the ants.

I mean, its Stressful.
 My parents sweetly took us (minus Brent unfortunately, who had to work today) and the jet skis to the Jordanelle Reservoir today. Tenna and Audie were camping there with their boat and we wanted to say hello and have a little lake fun.

It was simply fabulous. Great company, windy, hot but not too hot. Eleanor loved the rocky beach and Lucy seemed to like everything too- in her usual laid back and adorable way.

Tenna and Audie had an RV there, and had some great food, including artichokes! Crazy. Lucy loved them surprisingly. (How many people really boil and eat artichokes?? fancy) she would hold her hand out for more.

 Ella was a bit scared of going fast on the boat. And she didn't like the water spraying on her dress, which she confidently stated several times she wanted to wear instead of her swimsuit. She mentioned several times how Tenna promised to not go too fast.
Joel and Sham are driving to Orem tomorrow to spend the 4th with us. They are so lovely. I'm excited to see them.


  1. Love these photos of you and your sweet girls. And also your honesty. You are a mini-hero of mine. xoxo!

  2. You are so right, Hannah...Children change your life- and your dear husbands life. You used to think of him all the time- but now, dear husband has a competitor, it is his (and your) babies. Can't help it, comes with the territory!! Pinky & I never quarreled, but argued- then compromised, half way- "Now we are both dissatisfied" he would say!

  3. You sound more like the parent I wish to be..slower, more patient. You're a wonderful mom! And I think it's good for kids to have a bit of both, right?