Thursday, July 20, 2017

Vacation Bliss: Lake Powell

We got back from Lake Powell this weekend, and it was so beautiful. Brent was telling me it used to be a huge canyon, like the Grand Canyon kinda, and then it was filled with water, so the rocks just come straight up on the sides for a lot of the lake and they are red and look like modern art.
Some more photos n stuff--

My parents so kindly watched our girls. We went with a bunch of married friends that didn't have kids! 10 of us total. so I felt like I was living a wild other life! We rented a boat together and camped (!!) on the beach. The camping was rough (quite windy and sandy and kinda too hot to sleep)- we are not campy people. But, the boating and scenery and company made up for that. Maybe not for Brent though... ha, he HATES camping.
Most everyone was quite sporty! Well, except for me. Anyway. Brent loved the water sports- water skiing, surfing, and wake boarding. I tried wake surfing... but I kinda stunk and didn't quite have the perseverance to continue... lazy... but I LOVED LOVED tubing. Its more childs play, but there you go, speaks to my athleticism. It was just so fun.
Brent looked legit. He was set on wearing hat and sunglasses while doing his thing. He was kindly teased the whole trip. Thankfully, his hat would float on the water, but his glasses... they sunk the first time he surfed. But the next day he bought a new pair and this little stretchy cord that made sure they didn't fall off when he did. So, he stayed cool.
PS Im a little annoyed because I think I look a little bigger in this photo than I look in the mirror... not that it matters... because my body is great as is... but damn. Losing weight is a long time struggle.
One couple has a drone (!) that they used for photos and pictures. Obviously, they are very cool... and don't have kids. I'm a little jealous?
Everybody jumped off the cliff except for me. Scared. I regret it now, but what can you do. Amazing to watch them.

I kept thinking of my brother John whos into Geology. Those rocks were unreal.
And just to add in, Lucy is such a darling baby. (PS Ella called our neighbors dog a darling the other day, I didn't realize I must be using that word! Also Ella cut her own hair yesterday. Forehead slap. It's pretty short in the front.)

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  1. I just love your blog. Also I understand the damn weight loss struggles. I think I look good and then someone takes a picture of me. UGH. Looks like such a fun trip!