Thursday, June 21, 2018

Moving and trampolines and preschool and new things

We have now moved to little old Grantsville, UT and it has been great and a bit different and an adjustment yet good. There is a snow cone hut across the street from our house- which us girls especially love. 

The girls have done so well with the move. Not as any meltdowns as there couldve been. Though today, Ella did start saying she doesn't like Grantsville anymore... so we'll see what happens there. Maybe its hard not to be so close to my parents? maybe thats what it is? Im not sure.
my parents put up this amazing swing in their house and of course she is all over it
ella working it in our new backyard. we also have a trampoline and it is endless entertainment. no injuries yet-though im sure we'll have some. i need to look into one of those net things.

I think this small town has been nice so far. Hopefully I'll keep feeling this way

Our first baby has completed her first year of preschool! Sometimes she talks about things at her "old school" and it makes me sad inside and nostalgic that we aren't there anymore. but there, we are moving on.

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