Wednesday, February 15, 2012

House Sale!

Marriage will be wonderful I'm sure... but it presents a bit of an issue in housing...

I have to sell my spot mid contract so Brent and I don't have to pay double rent! I posted an ad on Craigslist which you can go to here. I already got 7 email responses! I just don't want to rent out to a crazy. Cause I like my current room mates too much to give them a nut as a replacement :) Anyways, with the internet, you never know who's looking, so if anyone knows anyone that knows anyone that knows anyone who needs a nice place to live in Provo this Summer, send them my way.

Also, today has been (excuse my language) a hell of a day. I planned out and prepared an interview for BYU Radio's morning show this morning, promising the interviewee I'd meet him at 6:30am this morning at the Broadcast building (he's a coordinator for BYU's recycling program-- which is fascinatingly huge). I literally wanted to commit suicide when I woke up at 7:15 this morning, 45 min too late to meet him. (Reminds me quite a bit of this day in London when I slept through my alarm)

Literally, I felt like scum. But I called him and apologized and he did the interview anyway just fine (thank goodness I had prepared a list of questions beforehand and more importantly that the good people at BYU Radio picked up my slack). I was worried they would "fire" me from my internship... which they didn't. Thank you all things good in this world. 

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