Friday, May 6, 2011

pulled a classic hannah

I slept through my alarm. Believe me, nothing new. On Tuesday, our group was scheduled to meet all together at 9am to go to the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich (on the other side of the Thames river, so extra trains and ferry rides were needed).
Front of National Maritime Museum, photo via Flickr

Cool Propeller displayed in museum, photo here
I woke up and it was 10:04am. Ran downstairs... nobody. Nobody! Except for the sweet lady, Natalia, that cleans our kitchen, all were long gone. I was in a slight fret. Made some toast and got goin. I took the underground, no sweat, to the right station.. but then I had to switch to the DLR (Docklands Light Rail) which I had never done. Took a few tries and a few unnecessary getting off the trains at what I thought was the right stop and then having to wait to get right back on it. But I did finally arrive.

The museum was cool. All the intricate instruments used for the navigation were crazy (and a tad confusing) and the boat models were legit. They also had this contraption with a mini sailboat and a fan so you could see how changing the sails position affected how it sailed (which I have always been a bit curious about. you need which sail to what degree where and that makes the boat do what?)

After about 30 min, the fire alarm went off. It wasn't too loud or annoying and there had been ship sounds going off earlier.. so I thought it was some sort of boat simulation. But when the usher yelled and pointed down the stairs I got the picture. I never could find out what happened!

Lion King Musical, photo here
Wednesday a whole lot of us went to see Lion King. Blew. My. Mind. The animals were comin though the audience, the costumes were very clever, the lighting phenomenal, the live drummers awesome, the dancing was perfectly tribal, and the overall mood was just on the edge of its seat! And the thing was, I wasn't expecting too much so it totally blew me away! All the actors had british accents too, which was neat. Though its interesting that the accent doesn't show up as much during the singing...

Next week, Bath and Stonehenge are on the schedule. Boy am I pumped! England, you are too good to me, too good!


  1. Auntie Thellie use to live in North Totteridge (on the Northern Line. Your Dad always figured out the Underground Tube! We went up the Thames on a boat. I hope you did not miss that. Ah! Stone Henge coming up. You are seeing everything great. Don't forget the Crown Jewels! (Bring me one back!) Love from your Granny.

  2. I will get the biggest ruby for you, Grandma! Don't you even fret.