Monday, January 30, 2012

BYU Radio

For news producing class, we are required to work with a media company to shadow what they do... to get a feel for how it is to be a producer. I have the opportunity to work with BYU Radio, which recently went from just a local radio station to Sirius Radio, which is satellite radio and broadcast to 22 million people! Whoa, Provo, whoa.

 I will go every Wednesday from 8am-1pm and I just started last week. I'm still pretty nervous, but they're very nice and accommodating there at the studio. I went to the story meeting, I contacted possible sources for future stories, and researched religious tolerance groups for the radio host (he was going to talk about it for the morning show and wanted me to do the footwork research).

Anyhow, the picture above is the view I had on the way to the internship, so it definitely has its perks!

This is the BYU Broadcasting building, where BYU Radio is located. The building is brand spanking new, and very modern and beautiful. I even have access with this VIP ID...

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  1. You can tell BYU Broadcasting that they are most fortunate to have you working with them - and that is your Granny's unbiased opinion!
    Also the road, which you take, looks as though it goes straight into the inside of that mountain - be careful if it snows...How do you get there? (Oh- Brent takes you?) LFYG