Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Oh the wedding. It was so wonderful. I felt so full inside. Too full at times! Ha, then I would just cry. So... I did cry a lot. But it was such a special day, because I kept thinking, this is a once in a lifetime thing. I've always pictured a wedding, seen movies about weddings, but this time it was for real. I just kept thinking, this is the big deal. And it feels so good. We are so good together. 

I woke up pretty early the day of. I spent the night at my good good friend Kelly's house which I think was one of my best decisions, and woke up around 7 am (sans alarm I may add!). I woke up so early, because I needed to shave. Lets be honest, I wanted to be extra smooth.

But Kelly woke up, and it was just so nice to get ready with my best friend. Our photographer, Kelsie (a real Australian sweetheart) showed up at about 8:30, to take the "getting ready" photos. In face, for like the first half hour I felt like Little House on the Prairie because the dress I was wearing to "get away" from the reception had ripped in the slit (not classy) so I was sewing it up by hand. And Kelly found some pants she needed to fix, so here we were on the morning of my wedding with needles and thread. It almost felt just like a no big deal day. Almost.

 Kelsie was just wonderful, it felt like having another friend there while I was getting ready, instead of an intrusive photographer. She even ran out to get hairspray for me as I had totally forgot to bring it! And sweet Kelly made breakfast, but I could barely eat, I was just nervous as could be. 
The wedding ceremony was more special than I even thought it could be. I feel very lucky that Brent and I share a love of God and that we both want to make that grow. The temple was bigger than life it felt like. 
And after the ceremony, it was special to see everyone waiting outside. I think I cried. It is so intense to be the center of attention at such a big event! Yikes. But, I mean, at the same time it was stressful, it was beyond wonderful, don't get me wrong. 

Brent is so good about it. He would just grab my hand tight, and that was all that mattered really. Babe does NOT crack under pressure. And, if you were curious, he did not cry during the wedding. Stoic and handsome as all get out.

After all the family left, Kelsie took some couple photos. And then it was just Brent and I. Loved those few moments together. It felt like my life had just changed so big in a short time, and I barely had time to catch up with it. But when we were together, I finally caught my breath up a bit. We dropped off our luggage at the hotel (Little America in Salt Lake) and then headed off to the dinner at the Wight House in Bountiful, about 20 or so min away. 

Oh, so much more to come! love you all, especially to you Granny. But I'll tell you something, right before I got married, my mom gave me the sweetest gift. It was one of Pinky's white handkerchiefs. It was in my pocket the whole time during the ceremony. 


  1. What a good looking family

  2. I love all of this. Every. Single. Word. And. Every. Single. Picture.

  3. You made tears come into my eyes. To think that you thought of that lovely man, your Grandpa, who lives in my memories each day. I am sure he was with you that day, as I was in spirit too.
    Your Mom & Dad were here this evening and had dinner from the garden (Lettuce, beets and new red potatoes.)