Monday, May 7, 2012

The Wedding Part 1

The big day was so wonderful. I am so daunted to blog about it even, there was just so much going on that day, event wise and emotionally! I cried like every 5 minutes, I was feeling every emotion in the book all in one moment, so of course I would just cry.

We danced to In My Life by the Beatles. It was so magical. Brent kept saying I love this song as he pulled me close. Very sweet.
All of Brent's 5 brothers and sister, and all their significant others and kiddies. A full house, no? This photo was taken by my brother Justin, and was a feat to get all those kiddies not crying. Look at that lil guy in a vest on the right?? He melts my heart.
More to come...


  1. Think about you both every day. Look at your pictures every day and sent them on to your great aunt Eleanor and Uncle Lewis. Lovely pictures - but you did not post the most enchanting - the Mouritsen group picture with the little prima donna making a lovely face on the side. The leading star! Love from Granny Phoebe

  2. Hannah! YOU ARE MARRIED!
    & you looked beautiful and happy and everything a bride should be.
    um, your first dance song was my high school graduation song.
    i love it.
    it's definitely a classic.