Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Take Two

I just adore our wedding photos, I hope I can share a few more. But just look at that top photo, Brent is such a good looking punk, with his big neck and too-cool-for-school expression. And then, afterward he cracked some joke and I fall for it. As I do every time.
Outside of the temple, there were these absolutely fabulous trees. Like out of a fairytale! And lets be honest, that's what the day was. Those big knobs and leaves in weird places. But they looked fabulous and wistful, better than I could have imagined. It was freezing too. But as we were taking the photos, I didn't even notice! I was too caught up I guess. But when I got inside, I could barely move my hands to unzip my bag, my hands were so cold!
I love how candid this was. And look at that bush! Oh, the blooms.
After Brent and I dropped off our bags at the hotel, we went to the dinner. Oh, it was lovely. I wish I could have eaten, I was too full of nerves. The ONLY bad thing of the day... was the food took ages to come out. I guess the Wight House was short staffed and only had like 3 or 4 waiters.. to serve 180 people! So it did take forever for the food to come out. The silver lining? That Brent and I had more time to mingle among the tables. Though we still didn't get to every table! It gets me every time I think about all the people there to support us.
All of Brent's brothers got in to sing Brown Eyed Girl. Hilarious. One of the brothers was shimmying, I could not stop laughing. I think this was the hit of the night. Or maybe it was Brent's speech. The perfect pitch of funny and heartfelt. Mine was alright... I cried.... no surprise! It turned out fine, but, it is hard to put a wedding in words sometimes. Hence, its taking me so long to finish the wedding posts on the blog...
But I am so happy so many of my family and friends were there. That made it so sweet.
 Next on the agenda... I have some photos of the honeymoon in Las Vegas.

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