Sunday, December 1, 2013

Pies & Things

My mother-in-law, Kathy, asked me to make a pie for Thanksgiving. I was preeeety nervous because I had made an apple pie a few weeks ago, and it blew. I mean, I did use a store bought crust and didn't quite follow the recipe, but my mom and I always used to make apple pies when I was in high school... and they were always knocks out of the park, so I was expecting nothing less. Anyhow, so when I agreed to make a pie, the odds were not in my favor.

Yet, somehow the stars aligned in my favor, because it was good. Granted, I did follow the recipe exactly (it was this caramel apple pie recipe, from a blog written by one of the girls I took a class with at school. She knows her stuff) because I was scared. And I splurged and bought a pie crust in a box, where you add water and roll out. And, may we talk about the braid? Ha. If only I had more crust and could've put it around the edge... that thing was awesome.

Also, I have something else to say...

Brent and I are expecting a baby!
I'm about 13 weeks along, and this ultrasound was taken at the beginning of November, when I was about 10 weeks.

Everything is going ok right now. We heard the baby's heartbeat and everything. But, there are a lot of things to be nervous about : / Since I have diabetes and all. Fingers crossed and I'm pumped to post a lot of stuff about the pregnancy (especially because I've found it a little tough to find diabetic ladies' personal experiences about having babies, though the website has helped a lot, but its the only thing of its kind that I can find!).

Love to all.

PS I am so weird about telling people I'm pregnant. I don't know how to... I always feel cheesy. Like, I even felt cheesy putting a exclamation point at the end of the sentence above, "Brent and I are expecting a baby!" Also, I have forbidden Brent to post about it on Facebook yet. And I don't even have that great of a reason why... but it is forbidden.. ha.


  1. Your apple pie looks delicious! When your nice great Aunt Thelma (Uncle Crosby's wife. not auntie Thellie in England) made a pie...the apples were lovely, she made the pie from apples they grew...BUT the pie crust was always TOUGH!! Your late Grandpa Pinky told her once "Thelma, your pie crusts are like shoe leather". - Not a good thing to say! This great aunt Thelma lived next door to us, she died (aged 92) in 1996.
    Your great Uncle Crosby had severe diabetes. He died in 1994, he was 84. They were fine country (Grade A Dairy farmers) people. You would have loved them.

  2. what a tiny little morsel! Your dad and I are very excited about being Grandparents!
    that is so weird to say. Your pie looks great and I love the braid part.
    Love you Mom

  3. "Well I was probably having complications because I'm pregnant." hahaha best way anyone's announced their exciting news ever...still so excited for you people!