Thursday, March 6, 2014


Arrived in England today at the Gatwick airport. Reminder to myself: flying on an airplane is such a pain. Too bad it's always necessary for such fun vacations and to see loved ones (our layover in Iceland didn't even make it better. I was hoping for green lushness out the window... but all we could see was snow. Although- the Reykjavik airport in Iceland seriously looks like Ikea decorated the whole place- wooden floors, clean lines, and other fabulous minimalist design those Swedes have perfected). We had fish and chips for dinner tonight from this dirty little place-- but they were so delicious. Wrapped up in paper that couldn't even handle the grease. Such a delight.

Brent is driving the rental car LIKE A BOSS. I hope I didn't jinx it by saying that.... but seriously, if I was driving, several accidents would have already happened, I'm such a spaz. 

We are taking the train to London tomorrow. Fingers crossed for good weather like we had today (as you can see on the beautiful grounds of the London LDS temple we stopped by). love to all and can't wait to see family soon.


  1. Warmer in England than it is here! Next week, we will all be having Fish & Chips. They should not be tooooo greasy. Some places do a better job than others! And Yes! Flying is a Pain in the Neck. We go to Amsterdam for a direct flight (KLM) into Norwich. Avoid one of those headaches, Gatwick, ugh. Glad you arrived safely and cant wait to see you. Love from your English Granny (Hope you recognise me now I have stents!!)

  2. Seriously so excited to see all the pictures and hear about the adventure!