Friday, March 14, 2014

Edinburgh & York

Edinburgh Castle, there you are. Can you believe it was warmer in Edinburgh now in March than it was in May last time I went? Brent and I took the tour there... it was lovely- although a hair boring I must say. Somehow the cliffs and walls are so romantic looking... they take my mind off all the history of the place. In the 1800s a lot of new stuff was built around the castle, so its not quite as old really as you think. The foundations of course are way older. The oldest building there is St. Margaret's Chapel- from around 1100 I think. There she is below.

It blew my  mind because the chapel, though not too big from the outside, is absolutely tiny on the inside. Just one room, maybe 20 ft. by 10 ft. And, the guide said people can still get married there and christen their babies there (though she didn't say how much they have to pay the castle to do it... I mean the admission fee to tour the castle was 16 pound or so :) The little stained glass windows were certainly lovely though, especially with that nice warm sun.
The castle is on a hill in the city, and you have to walk up these steep hills to get to it. In my pregnant state, it was a tough deal, my friends. Brent can't handle my snail pace (and no harm no foul there, it is unbearably slow), so I'm quite a bit behind him the whole way like a toddler that can't keep up.

and York.

I just love that cathedral there, the York Minster.
The photos just don't do that grand ceiling justice. It is so high. And those beautiful columned pillars on the side. So magnificent. I just think to myself, if I worshiped in here, would my mind be on God? Or on the man made cathedral? I like to think God... as I think the magnificence of the place really reflects the magnificence of someone heavenly... but you know as they say, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Love to all. xo

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  1. Lovely! I can't wait to go back to Edinburgh and York Minster was the only cathedral I was awed by amongst the throngs we saw. Not just another freaking cathedral! Love the updates. Keep it up!