Saturday, March 8, 2014

Glastonbury Tor

My dreams came true. I've been wanting to see Glastonbury Tor since I saw a beautiful photograph of it in 2011 before I went on my study abroad (it was a random photograph displayed in a building on campus, come to fine out it was England). We drove through several adorable towns, with one lane roads (one lane... but two way mind you, so we would have to pull over if there was someone coming the other way), mossy stone walls, and old stone houses and churches to get to it. Then, we hiked up the tor, or hill (thank goodness it wasn't a hard hike) to get to St. Michael's Tower up top.
The views were mystical and fabulous, and the weather? a bit crisp yet sunny, windy, and just beautiful. Perfect for a little hike.
Also, Brent is fitting right in with the aggressive British drivers. :) The roads are narrow and curvy, but no one takes a mind to slow down too much. Thank goodness I'm not driving- we'd be in terrible hands. 
The walk down from the tower led us by this grazing ground. The colors were just so crisp- England's rain makes that green just pop.

P.S. we practically drove right by Stonehenge on the way to Glastonbury without even noticing. We came up over a hill and Brent goes, "Look at that, that's nice." and I'm like-- that is Stonehenge. I'm stunned... and Brent has the mind to tell me to get the camera. Somehow these beautiful sheep got in front, what luck! 

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  1. AND you got to see Stonehenge too! AND we got to see you and Brent on these grand pictures!
    AND we got to see your baby-bump! Your Grandfather, Pinky; me, Auntie Thellie & Uncle Geoffrey visited Stonehenge (Let's see, that was in the year that Noah built the ark~) Also glad to see young Brent is not in his shorts! You are a handsome your Dad and Mum are! Cheerio for now.