Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Cosmo at the Library

Cosmo is BYU's mascot. And I was just casually on my way to the library and I saw him walking in! Ha, he was just by himself going in to the library! When he went, he hit the handicapped button to have the doors open for him, and spread out his hands like he was Moses parting the red sea, as the doors automatically opened for him. Good one, Cosmo.

But I seriously have no idea what he was doing. Maybe he needed a little study sesh?! More likely on the way to a pep rally or something. :)
I also studied a bit on the fourth floor of one of the buildings on campus, and got a good view of the campus during a class change.
Classes are going well. But I am a bit nervous, I need to get an internship this summer so I can hopefully graduate in December. Fingers crossed. I'm also looking for a new job... I have applied just for one so far, a television programming assistant for BYU. Again, fingers crossed.

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  1. Oh Cosmo, you little devil. What a cool picture of campus!!