Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Wedding Dinner

Brent and I booked the Wight House for our wedding dinner today and it was beautiful. Oh, it is so nice to have actually booked a place. I'm so glad Brent likes it and I like it... maybe a minor miracle.

Dan Wight, the owner, was very genuine and had some good news for us as they're lowering the dinner price $.60-.90 a plate. Awesome (they said it was due to competition from another local reception center... I hope the competition keeps coming and prices keep lowering).

One of my favorite parts about the place were the ceilings (I told Brent like 6 times... so he is definitely aware). They were beautiful and coiffured and made me think of Europe.

The blinds on the windows were classy too... like an old country home.

Its in the historical downtown of Bountiful, UT which makes it homey and more "small town", which I did rather like.

The room we booked seats 200 people (though that would be a tight fit I think) and is on the 2nd floor there. I just loved the little staircase from the front door with that beautiful little chandelier.

For colors, Brent and I (well... maybe this was more just I... ha) were thinking a blush pink and a sage green, with grey and beige khaki. This lovely full bouquet was the inspiration.

 I must be honest, I'm still all jittery when I think about being engaged, like 24/7 butterflies. It's a crazy thing... 

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  1. Looks like the ideal place, Hannah. The ceilings are just beautiful. And sounds like its named after the Isle of Wight! Wish I could attend,you will have to send me a "Take-out"!!!
    What will the menu be? Most important that you and Brent have a wonderful and happy day. Your Mom is itching to get to you and help with this exciting time. Love you and thinking about you.