Wednesday, January 4, 2012

First Day of Class

BYU started back up again today, 1 class down, 1 to go. Even after all the first days of school I've had in my life, I was still kind of nervous this morning... I'm a little embarrassed! But I did want to show Mom what I wore... so excuse the awkward positioning, I took it myself in a study room in the library!

The first class was Media Producing. In this class we write for BYU ElevenNews instead of video for it. We basically write what the anchors say, and the anchors read it off the prompter. Less stressful, so I'm excited about it. And I do hope to get better at writing more conversationally, and with active voice. I do have issues with the passive voice a lot. 

The class at 4pm is International Government, which I am excited for and I hope I can do better in it that in my last Political Science class- which was a struggle for me!

I so miss the family though. 


  1. We all miss you so much, Hannah. It was a lovely Christmas with you, and Joel also. I am ready for you to give it all up and come back to North Carolina (Joel also!). So, say "Cheerio" to that lovely, good looking young man you brought with you and return to us. (You should have been born twins, then you could've been in both places!) Love from your Granny.

  2. You are so cute. Love it.

    I have a suggestion: can you please do a series of weekly posts where you take a picture of what you wore once a day? I would love it and be your biggest fan for forever.

    Happy first day back! :)

  3. you look so cute. love the outfit
    sounds like the first day not so bad. yehhh
    wish you were here.
    LOL mom