Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Bring on the...

This is what I see outside my house. Utah has its perks. Let this good weather bring good luck, karma, vibes, fortune, anything that will help me focus on studying for finals (so I don't end up like this poor girl who looks like studying has given her a good beating but is still so good-looking... what is Megan's secret? :)


  1. yes, that poor girl is me...and finals are really doin a number on me!

  2. Amen. Send some of that good luck, good vibes, even good juju? Maybe? Heck, just send it all our way!

  3. Pretty scene indeed, Hannah. Your dear Mom is there to share it with you. Soon your bro's will also be there and you can introduce them to all those pretty BYU girls! Your Dad ate here last night (Corned beef hash). Matt is supposed to arrive here today - but his car has broken down. Anxiety reigns. Thinking of you all. Love from your Granny Phoebe.