Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Sweet People

It is such a treat to have my mom here. She stayed at my house the last two nights, and what a trooper. I was so busy with dumb things (ahem, school and work) I spent .02% of the time I wanted to spend with her. While driving to work the other night, I was chatting with Brent about the situation, and he asked if she wanted to come to his church talent show. Brilliant. Of course she wanted to go, so my mom went and met all his friends, how adorable is that?!

Brent did a little number... from the Beauty and the Beast musical (he was Gaston in his high school's production!) and my mom was so smitten! But who wouldn't be? take a look yourself...
Also, I am just so lucky. Brent's mom, Kathy, and her sisters are throwing me a bridal shower this weekend! How sweet is that? Brent and I registered at Target for all sorts of kitchen appliances and whatnot... and when my mom saw it, she says, "Aren't you going to get any personal things?"

When I said no, she kinda laughed... so I think mom's gonna throw a spicy, scandalous gift in the pile. Get ready ladies for a shocker :)

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