Thursday, April 19, 2012

Wedding Style??

My wedding is next Friday, and I still don't know what to do with my hair. This is crunch time! I'm very nervous. I was thinking of trying this little number up top. Any ideas? It seems relatively easy... but everything does online :( directions are here.

I wish I could do something beautiful and boho, like this below. But goodness knows I'm not skilled enough to make that happen!

I think these curls below look lovely and fresh, but every time I try to do curls over all my hair it looks too overdone and middle school!

And yet... this girl below looks like she did nothing to her hair and it looks so simple and intimate and lovely, like her and her husband are best friends gettin hitched.

Obviously I'm undecided and need assistance.... heaven help me!

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  1. In the final picture of hairdues, the girls hair has to match the fellows hair - so both their Moms need to come and comb their hairs! I bet your Mom can suggest the perfect hair style for the wedding. Your Dad just left (We had spaghetti). Radishes and lettuce from the garden. Thinking of you all, Love, Phoebe