Friday, June 15, 2012

A little Vacation

Brent and I went on a little weekend vacation (but who am I kidding, this whole summer feels like a vacation with no school) to Park City, UT, a rather well-to-do town known for its ski slopes and classy hotels in the winter (and where the celebrities stay during the Sundance Film Festival... so I hear). I mean... look at these houses... 
But, in the summer, its way green, and its pretty cute... our hotel was nestled right close among all the green mountains. We stayed at a Mariott Hotel with Brent's family... and I have to be honest, the pool and jacuzzis at the hotel were so classy and beautiful. There were multiple levels of jacuzzis on rock ledges, a pool, grills to cook on, and fire pits continuously running to make s'mores!

It was a pretty lazy weekend. We just had breakfast and dinner together with the family (which sounds easy, but sometimes isn't... there's like 30 people... half of those being under the age of 5... Kudos to Kathy, the mom-in-law for being a planning whiz). Park City also has some great outlets shopping, where Brent and I shopped with a passion! Brent got these sunglasses, and was SO proud. I'm serious, he would wear them inside... ask the nieces and nephews how cool he looked... and would pose in the mirror when people were watching... and when they weren't. The ham!
Brent and I did sleep in a couch pull out bed in the hotel (which was surprisingly comfortable!) with his parents sleeping in the one connecting room, and Brent's brother Kevin and his wife Whitney in the other connecting room. I must say, it was a teeny bit weird, when at 7:30am, I woke up to Brent's dad, Dick, cutting pineapple in the kitchen in the same room as me. Fingers crossed I wasn't snoring, cause lets be honest, I know that happens. 

But the weather was stunning (I even laid out at the pool!) and it was sure nice to have a weekend away.
How cute is that farmhouse with the flag?!


  1. Fun! Fun! Fun! You and Brent are the greatest.

  2. Park City sounds great.
    Glad you had a little time off from work, to have fun in the sun.

  3. That picture of you two is adorable---and SO Brent! HAHA I love it. Miss you guys. Oh the joys of sharing a room with your in-laws ;)

  4. can I admit I was relieved when I read that you snore? Because I totally do too :) Didn't know you had a blog but love reading and catching up on it!