Sunday, June 10, 2012

Ode to Elizabeth

In honor of the Queen of England's Diamond Jubilee (60 years... heavens), I have a few photos to share. The above was taken on the top floor of a double decker on my way to Paddington Station. Those flags were simply everywhere. They may have been left over from the Royal Wedding...
You can just barely see the classy Kate and dashing William there on the terrace. It was simply packed outside of the Buckingham Palace.

For the Jubilee, I stumbled upon these fabulous pictures of the proceedings. I thought the wedding was crowded, but we definitely didn't have bleachers outside the Palace...
Isn't this surreal?!? Philip looks so dashing and genuine.
This picture of St. Paul's Cathedral from the opposite side of the Thames (and the fleet of boats for the Queen's celebration) does remind me of that surreal time with Deanna where we skipped around in Europe.

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  1. My Dad's youngest brother, your Great Great Uncle Will, hand painted (water colour) a copy of Caneletto's painting "Thames Embankment". It is not huge. You would like it. I will get it to you when I can. And Yes, I watched the Jubilee. The procession was breathtaking - but the performance was horrible. (Elton John,Stevie Wonder, etc. (Poor Queen, had to sit through it) Love from Granny Phoebe.