Saturday, June 16, 2012

An Unusual Perspective

I found this on a random website and was blown away.
By artist, Zander Olsen, these are photos taken that mesh trees with the horizon... instead of having the trees obstruct your view of it. Olsen placed the white material on the trunks in such a way that the horizon is one unbroken line. The photos are taken in the beautiful UK... Surrey, Hampshire, and Wales. 


  1. Hah! In Charlotte they put bands around the trees to keep the caterpillars from climbing up them and having breakfast from the leaves!
    Your Dad, Mom & Justin here for roast chicken last night and Justin stayed to see Wallenda cross Niagara Falls on a tight=rope. (Awsome)

  2. these pics are so great. i don't know how you find these pics
    love you mom