Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Viva Vegas

We took a little 3 day honeymoon to Las Vegas, and it was so so fabulous. We were pretty nervous at first... We walk into the hotel (the Cosmopolitan Casino/Hotel right on the strip) and it is so smoky and crowded and smells terrible. Girls are wearing simply strings to cover themselves (seriously!) and we were hating it. We go up to the counter, and the guy says he has some good news and bad news... our room has been upgraded... but it isn't yet ready.... and he doesn't have a time frame when it will be. So we just had to wait in the smoky lobby for an hour before we could go up!

But when we did, it was so worth it. We were on the 68th floor, and had a room with a wraparound porch and the stunner view above. With two bathrooms and a full kitchen, not to mention 2 extra large flatscreens... it was living in luxury!
The room had these big art books everywhere, which was classy. Though they did have some very NON-classy books with NON-classy pictures... if you understand me! Lying on the nightstand by the bed no less... of course we were in Vegas I guess. :)

With the room upgrade, we got to have breakfast at the buffet, Wicked Spoon, in the hotel. It was honestly one of the best meals of my life! Prime rib, sorbet, sushi, waffles, egg benedict, oh they had it all! As you can see, I have a bit of a sweet tooth... and Brent likes his red meat and other typical man food....

My plate...
Brent's plate...
And the decorations were marvelous and modern....
We loved it. It was wonderfully decadent. We had lots of time to lounge and go out to eat and splurge and feel good doing it. We did avoid the strip itself as much as possible.... a little too dirty and crowded for us. But no bother, the upgraded room we stayed in is normally $1000 a night! Can you imagine having enough to pay for that out of pocket? What a lifestyle. 

We also went to the Wynn Buffet, which we heard was super fancy and delicious. It was wonderful... but not as good as the Wicked Spoon, for sure. Though, I can't get over these flowery decorations that were between the tables.

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  1. WOW! Sounds like Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee lunch! It reminds me of years ago (everything reminds me of "years ago"!) Your Grandpa went to Las Vegas on business. I gave him 25 cents (we were poor) to gamble and bring back a fortune. When he returned, he gave me back my 25 cents! He was against gambling. I was disappointed, English people are renowned gamblers (and dog lovers!)