Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Wicked Birthday

For my birthday, we went on a sweet trip to Salt Lake and had dinner at Benihana's (conveniently right by the theatre...) and then went to Wicked, the musical. Oh, it was so good.

Dinner was like a pre-show show. Its a Japanese steakhouse, and you sit around a huge grill that the chef cooks your food on right in front of you. The chef was doing all kinds of tricks... juggling his spatulas and throwing shrimp tails around. We were sitting with a family with 3 kids under ten, and I think I was more entertained than they were...
Though... as Brent and I learned, the family were definitely regulars to Benihana's (and the guy paid with a $100 bill! whoa. You can see the Dad there in the background of the chef photo). When our chef came to the table, flipping his knives and such, the Dad was like, "Steve! I thought you were off on vacation today!"

Seriously, they like Benihana's and they didn't mess. Ha.

But the food was delicious.

And, Wicked was also fabulous. Good talent, cool scenery, great stuff.

And just take a small look at how dashing Brent looks :)

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  1. Love this. Love y'all! One of the best couples I know! Oh and Happy Belated Birthday. I'm so embarrassed and so sorry that I missed it!