Tuesday, July 3, 2012


I took an online quiz called "I Side With" to see which presidential candidate I most agreed with. 

According to the quiz (which I assume is correct...), I agreed most closely with the politics of Gary Johnson, the Libertarian candidate! That was a surprise for me! I just assumed I'd agree most with Mitt because he's Mormon like me. 

A libertarian is described succinctly (via a google search I did... ha) as someone who believes in maximum liberty and minimal government. Which, I do agree with...  for the most part anyway.

You can see below who I agreed with most and on what issues. With Mitt there, we weren't as agreeable as I thought. (Side note... Brent took the quiz, and sided with Romney 91%. wowza)

To be honest, I'd never even heard of Mr. Johnson. As a libertarian, he's not in the race to become the Republican candidate, which is the biggie deal right now, and he obviously won't be the Democratic candidate (I think our incumbent Obama called that one)... so I assume that's why he's not a big name since he's not with either of the big two parties. 

So, if I voted for him, would it be a throwaway vote? The chances of him winning are slim (I mean, I didn't even know he was a candidate, I would assume his chances are slim) so even if I voted for him, he'd just lose anyway. But then, if everyone thought that way, nobody would vote at all, and where's the good in that?

So I feel a bit in a sticky situation. Should I vote for him or not? And why does it take this little quiz to make me see who I most agree with? I should be more in the know... but it is sometimes boring to follow debates... just being honest.

If you're curious... Gary's positions include (I got them off his website):
1. Making it easier for immigrants to get visas and residency.
2. Repeal Obama's Healthcare plan. Which, I agree with I think. There are some good parts to the plan, but I don't think making health insurance mandatory is good.. it drives up the prices of insurance premiums because there are more medical bills to cover (at least I think that's right...)
3. Lessen the presence of American military in other countries. With the current state of the US budget, we can't afford to build roads, schools, and hospitals in other countries, as much as we would like to.

If you want to take the quiz... its at www.isidewith.com. Please do... Grandma and family I'd be curious to see who you agree with.


  1. This country has the highest military personnel and equipment than all the European countries put together. Politicians like this. It makes this country too aggressive. We dive into other countries problems, take sides, and (sadly) lose THOUSANDS of lives. It makes matters worse, the United States becomes the enemy. We leave and nothing is accomplished. Romney will continue down this agressive path. (Foreign born Granny!)

  2. We like to be thought of as kind. It is NOT kind to Waterboard people (George Bush)
    It IS kind to let people (Latinos) who are honest and self supporting, who have lived in this country for several years and have children, born and raised in this country to continue to live here. We SHOULD NOT send MOTHERS OR FATHERS BACK to their native land, forced to leave their American citizen children behind thereby breaking up the family and causing hardship and hearbreak.

  3. Our Carolinas Medical System hospital (Charlotte NC) pays its executive officers MILLIONS of dollars each year. Patients in this hospital have been charged outragious prices for the somewhat substandard care they have received and if they cannot pay the thousands of dollars the hospital bills them, the CMS hospital forecloses on their homes. This hospital accepts a tremendous amount of Federal money. GREEDY, GREEDY EXECUTIVES. YES, I AM FOR OBAMACARE.

  4. Thanks for sharing! I'm totally going to take this quiz. I've been feeling like I'm a libertarian too actually!