Friday, July 20, 2012

The Movies

There's a ballet documentary out called First Position. Oh, its good. It follows a few dancers through the Youth American Grand Prix, an American ballet competition. It only came out in a few movie theaters and for only a few days (I just missed it when it came to Salt Lake, gah).

But, I was able to rent it (for a whopping $6.99) on Amazon Prime Instant video, and I seriously was on the edge of my bed! Two of the dancers the movie follows quit regular school and started home school to continue their dancing. Another is from Colombia, and at 17 or 18 is living in Brooklyn away from his family to pursue his career. It is nutty to watch it, dancers are so kooky, and yet fascinating. They obsess and are perfectionists, but they have to be, if they want to be a professional dancer.

Here's the trailer...


  1. This looks so amazing! Why did they not keep it in theaters longer?? Nooo! I have to see it! PS you and your new husband are SO cute:) Hope you are doing great!

  2. Been thinking of you today on your birthday. Hear you went out to eat! (Nice). Your bro' John just called me from Alabama. He and Mercedes are on their way to Austin, Texas. We miss him already. Love from your Granny.