Monday, July 2, 2012

The House

Brent and I live on the second story of a house just a few blocks away from campus. We really love it, so I wanted to show it off a bit! The photo above is outside of our kitchen window. A few weeks ago, the side of the driveway was just covered in roses and it was so dreamy looking! Though unfortunately, the roses have all died now... I think the heat might have did them in.
We only have a swamp cooler in our bedroom, no AC or anything like that. So it can get preeety toasty. But that's really the only shortcoming... unless you count having to bring in the grocery loads up these stairs.. ha
I do adore our kitchen. Its pretty big, and even has a gas stove that cooks like nobody's business. It heats up way fast. The dining room does leave some to be desired... its pretty empty because we have the TV in our bedroom with the swamp cooler. But we do like to have dinner in here when we invite people over.
Eh, I'll post some more later.

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  1. Sounds so romantic! Your Grandpa Pinky and I lived in an attic room. We didn't care - hardly noticed! No AC but it was winter - BUT No toilet facilities. Had to go down to the 2nd floor! I won't go into the interesting details, but I will say it was much easier for a man than a woman. (We got our milk in milk bottles then!). Cheerio for now.