Sunday, October 9, 2011

Alcohol sales in Provo

The council meeting I went to to get this story was fascinating. The meeting was where the city council would decide to overturn Provo's ban on Sunday alcohol sales. There was quite a lot of comment. One guy got up and was like, "You guys know me well as I've run for city council five times."

Yikes! At first, I thought, is that embarrassing or admirable that he's kept running for 5 times? That you've lost five times... but when he commented, I realized embarrassing was the correct choice. He was crazy intense and a tidge irrational. Not quite what you want on the city council. But he actually wanted to comment several times, but the city council speaker shut him down right quick- saying he was not afraid to remove the 5-time-runner guy from the meeting if necessary! It was like a drama. Loved it.

Also, a reporter and his cameraman (us BYU students have to be both! but the real deal's have a separate camera guy) from ABC 4 were there... and they asked me what I was doing for the meeting's audio! I felt so honored. I told them the plug was right over there in the corner. The week before, I was interviewing someone at city council, and this lady from The Salt Lake Tribune was right there behind me waiting to interview him after me. That's right. I led her to the scoop. I'm flattering myself... :)

The little video story is from the eleven news website.

Also, I've been so wishing I was back across the pond.... or at least in Carolina so I could see all my peeps.
Venice. And Deanna looking so fly.

I also want to see this lovely lady and thank her for her sweet gift in the mail. Sure miss you Thelma

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