Monday, October 17, 2011

a little woozy

I went to donate blood today... which I've done before, no issues whatsoever. But today, I got up from the reclining chair (a serious recliner, I was so far back!) to go to the snack section after they took the needle out. My vision was going all black, all I could hear was a hum of noise in the background, and I had the feeling of being in an airplane that's going down way too fast. Oh man! it was one of the worst things I've ever felt! I thought for sure I was gonna black out at any second. One of the nice girls working the snack station was like, "Get a juice! Get a juice! Get a juice!" Haha so I did. And I went and laid down on the recliner again... and then I was back to regular in about 10min. 

Yikes! Then I loaded up on the free snacks (took advantage of the fact that all the snack girls were feeling bad for me:) and went to a group project meeting. 


  1. I remember, years ago (when Noah built the ark) donating blood always made me slightly woozy and took me a couple of days to recover. I always tried to have a really good beef and potatoes meal afterwards. You may have inherited my rare blood type, which was A Rh neg. I'd think twice before I donated blood again. Your concerned Granny.

  2. yea that happened to me once too!! LoL i got snacks and a free meal because ours was held at the hospital so i got a meal voucher.