Thursday, October 27, 2011

He giveth. and He taketh away.

I had the absolute worst day.
I dropped my new iphone in the toilet, and now it won't turn on.
It is like losing a child. I know its just a hunk of metal.... but it hurts.
In lieu of flowers, please contribute to the
I-didn't-buy-insurance-so-I'm-out-of-luck fund.

Thank you.


  1. Perhaps a solution... Call your bro, Joel. He will probably tell you to take it apart (if you can) and let it dry out. He is electronically savvy and may have another solution.
    Justin and Thellie should have arrived in Norwich this morning, it will be fish 'n chips for lunch today for them! (Sad day for me, I miss Thellie). Your Granny Phoebe


  3. On 2nd thoughts - NO! The worst day of your life was when all your money was stolen in Rome.
    Your bro comes back from England today (Thursday) Cheerio!