Friday, October 14, 2011

oh, the news.

Provo City Council elections are coming up on Nov 8th. A local neighborhood was hosting a get-to-know-the-candidates meeting so there was my story. Unfortunately with meetings.... the video is a bit boring so just ignore that part.

The whole video is on I felt like a jerk though because I interviewed a random audience member in the meeting and I couldn't use him in my video. And it wouldn't be bad.. except for the sweet guy asked for the news station and the website... and then he doesn't even have a cameo appearance in the story. Sincere apologies, dude. Really.


  1. Listened to your Council Meeting news three times, Hannah. Your presentation made it most interesting. When you come here, we have ONE outstanding lady news presenter, Maureen O'Boyle,WBTV (Channel 3; 2 on Cable) Her enunciation is perfect, better than any of the others. Your enunciation is good also, I do not miss any of your words. Maureen also speaks slightly more slowly, which helps us older listeners. Cheerio!

  2. Thanks granny! you're too nice