Monday, October 3, 2011

last week...

Click right here to see the video and online text from the story last week that I did for ElevenNews. As you can see... I didn't talk at all but I did do all the video and the text (kind of lame I know! But the news director has the final say and he is the big cahuna.) So my piece was simply citizen's reaction to the resignation of a councilman from Provo Municipal Council. He had been charged criminally and ethically was going to face a vote from the city council on his dismissal. Turns out, he just resigned last moment, which came as a big surprise.

A little FYI though... the last guy interviewed was the uncle of Steve Turley's (the resigned councilman) wife. I couldn't put that in the video, but it was kind of interesting to hear that he thought the planned vote to dismiss Turley was fair, but he did feel for the effects all the dismissal/resignation drama was having on the family.

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