Monday, March 12, 2012


I'm so excited (and nervous!) for a lot of the things I've got goin on at the moment. I can't believe I'm going to a wedding on April 27th... my own... :) I'm nervous about the internship I'm scrambling to get for this summer (my fingers are crossed to be accepted by Salt Lake City's KSL TV Newsroom internship, and if that one doesn't work, heaven knows what I'll do). Brent and I will moving into our new house in May and we've got a whole summer of good stuff... and no classes or homework (heaven) to look forward to.

But, I can't help but miss England. About a year ago, I had bought my plane ticket to Heathrow and I was looking forward to some of the best memories... literally ever. England was such a joy for me. Going to every mass I could at those breathtaking cathedrals, watching Parliament from the observing gallery, loving every minute I spent with Auntie Thellie (biking all kinds of places Granny went when she was about my age) and adoring the cathedral in Norwich.

I am so glad I did that study abroad, even if it did cost a lot and delayed graduation... it was just so wonderful.
London skyline, with the ferris wheel and House of Parliament and Big Ben in the background.

Somerset House in London, housed a beautiful photograph exhibit, and located right along the Thames.

The pier at Brighton beach, where we ate jellied eel and got henna tattoos and loved the beautiful  pebbled beach.

The ruins of Tintern Abbey in Wales. With the mist and sunlight, it was so dreamy. 


  1. Ah-ah-ah, nostalgia indeed - for those old days when I lived in England. A lovely country - but so is this country. Any country is lovely if you are living with the one you love! You will find that out! And when that dear person has left this world, you have lovely children and grandchildren to help you along the way.
    Love from your Granny

  2. What an opportunity to go to England.
    And now a new adventure!!
    life is full of surprises to come.

    Love Mom
    [I used phoebes sign in]