Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sans Luggage

I saw this genius company, LugLess, on another blog (the blog, A Cup of Jo, over there on the left). The company  picks up your luggage from your house and delivers it to your destination so you don't have to mess around with crazy suitcases in airports and whatnot. It doesn't seem too bad of a price, $39 for small bags and $59 for large ones.

But, I figured I'd post it if family was interested in doing something like this for coming out to Utah. Mom, maybe? It would have been wonderful for travel to London. Messing with my luggage on the tube, going down on the stairs into the underground station was a nightmare. It reminds me of this post when I had to take my mammoth suitcase on, like, 3 forms of public transportation. A mess! And look at Deanna from when we had our Europe trip... 

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