Thursday, March 15, 2012

Wedding Jitters for Shoes

Ladies and Gentle-men... I have been searching for ages for wedding shoes. The search has been tedious. I wanted them not too expensive, nude colored, preferably wedges (but if a heel, the heel had to be the perfect thickness- heaven forbid), not too high, but high enough, classy looking, a bit different, but not too crazy, the right shade of nude, a 6.5 size... Ok, so maybe I was picky. But these are the ones I finally chose on: Nine West pumps. So, they don't actually fit all my requirements. But.. they do fit the most important qualification: classy. (And a thicker heel so I don't trip and fall- which would qualify as NOT classy- again heaven forbid)

Fingers crossed when they come in the mail I will like them as much in person as on the website. Really, fingers crossed.

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