Thursday, March 29, 2012

So soon...

Everything is coming up so soon! Summer is almost here, my mom is coming to visit next week, the semester is almost ending (thank goodness), and Brent and I will be moving in a few weeks to our new house. Whoa.

And, there are a few things I'm nervous about. 
1. Wearing these shoes my whole wedding day.. I'm pretty sure I will frequently take them off. And what if I trip up during Brent and I's first dance?! I will be so so so embarrassed. I think I may need to practice dancing with them on.

2. That the reception dinner will be a disaster. We still don't have centerpieces yet... the Wight House is VERY SLOW in getting back to me. I called the event planner 2 weeks ago... twice... and she still hasn't called me back. I know it'll work out (fingers crossed) but that doesn't mean I'm not anxious.

3. What about the wedding kiss?!?! Big, small, 1 kiss, 2 kisses, what if I go for two and Brent just does one, not expecting the second?? Embarrassing. I need to talk to him about that...

4. Thank goodness mom will be here soon to help. She already single handedly picked out these lovely boutonnieres (not too flowery, manly, yet romantic, and in the right sage color) and these place settings which I adore, and double as wedding favors (so sweet with that little bird! and will look so soft and romantic on each plate with the guest's name written on the card).

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  1. LOVE! We just got yalls announcement yesterday. Good Grief yall are a GREAT looking couple. Oh Vonnie! I'm just so excited for you and we can't wait to come for your BIG day!