Friday, July 1, 2011

Thellie is the Bomb

Some funny things that Auntie Thel has said that HAVE to be released to the public (some of them are a tad incriminating but just picture an adorable 80 year old saying them and you'll understand) :

1. "half-canned" --the term she uses for herself after her nightly vodka 'n' fruit juice
2. "a bit of the wind" --a term for a bit of flatulence
3. "let out a rouser" --a term for a lot of flatulence
4. "he's a bit of a poncy boy" --in describing boys who think too much of their looks
Thel lookin so fly. I think Justin took this...
Off to London tomorrow... and I'm pretty nervous. And excited. And pumped. And hoping that no scary boys snatch Deanna and I off the streets. :)

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  1. Nice to see my sister on your blog! I spoke to her this morning..She tells me what a delightful guest you were and she is looking forwards to seeing you again if only for one day. Also, what a sensible young lady you are. Well, Hannah, you are all those things plus very pretty too! We hope your travels are progressing well today and you meet up with Deanna as planned. Thinking of you, your Granny.