Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Why I love the Brits

Speaking the same language as the Brits blinded me just a tad to all the differences in England. Yes. There are quite a few. I'll just start off with a few of my observances.
1. It is quite the fashion for girls to wear black tights here... with everything... or just as pants. The tights with shorts thing just has not been quite as popular in the states. To top it off, sometimes you can see the darker control top below the hemline! my my, unusual fashion. see example:
super short cutoffs + tights = london girls
think they're hot stuff
2. Hosiery in general! I have seen many a lady AND teenager in nude panty hose under skirts/dresses! In UT, I rarely see someone at BYU with panty hose. Rarely? Like around one time.. in my three years there...
3. Do drug stores have hydrogen peroxide in Londy town? No, friends, they have Surgical Spirits. Peroxide unfortunately was nowhere to be found for my heel blister... 
4. "Water Closet" or "Toilet" = bathroom
    And water closet is too long most times, so in abbreviation you see "WC" on toilet doors!
5. "Waiting in the queue" = waiting in line. This goes for grocery stores, clothing shoppes, street festivals. Anywhere you think line, they think queue. 
6. Cookies or candy?? No, no, no. "Biscuits" and "sweets". 
7. Overheard this one from a phone convo on the tube. "Up in a spout" = in uproar, disheveled
8. At Theatre events... programs are NEVER free! Either they don't want you to know who's performing, or they're low on paper, or they don't wanna pick up the litter after the show, or most people throw em away anyway... ok. Maybe the Brit way is better...

I am sure I'll have more for you as time goes on :) Also, something new to me, at the library the lady upon finding out my study abroad status asked me, "So, what do you like about London anyway?" I was aghast! Need that even be a question? I guess it is easy to take things for granted after a while. Perhaps I'll go on a tourist tour in Utah, see what all the fuss is about.


  1. And what about the currency, Hannah? Have you cottoned on to the money? One thing we used to say was "Oh! Thats not worth tuppence haypenny". (That means two and a half pennies). Chilly here this morning, 48 degrees - got my cardigan on. But humming bird at the feeder, but baby rabbit eating your Mum's lettuce in the garden. Cheerio!

  2. Another comment, Hannah --- I could always find Hydrogen Peroxide at the "Chemist Shop". I used to brush my teeth with it once a week. Thats what these new toothpastes have in them now. It is their active ingredient. Your Granny from Ye olden days!