Monday, August 8, 2011


Ms. Kelly Stapleton Nielsen was married on Saturday- and what a sweet little wedding it was! I was to pick up the bouquet (below!) the morning of and bring it to her in Logan, and I was kinda nervous they would wilt in the sun on the 2 hour drive there! Can you imagine, wishing Kelly happy nuptials with a bouquet of deads... I would die! The florist instructed me to keep it cool. And I thought, excellent, I'll keep it in the fridge. But the next words out of her mouth: "But not in the fridge, fruits and vegetables will wilt the flowers." Ha, unfortunately I don't have a cooler or nothin, so I dampened a paper towel and put it over :) Worked like a charm.

I just love this photo above. Kelly looks so happy! With her parents Sue and Steve.

Kelly just looked perfect. She wasn't loud and crazy excited, but just so solidly happy and graceful... like Kate Middleton now that I think of it. But I have to be honest, that bouquet was like my pride and joy. Every time I saw it against her dress, it was so stunning! The purples were so rich and just matched perfectly with the bridal party's deep purple dresses. That bouquet was under my watch and care, and it did me proud!

I did unfortunately, ball like a baby when Andrew and Kelly came out of the Logan temple looking so sweet and holding hands. Neither Kelsey or Whitney could be at the wedding, so I'm pretty sure I cried for all three of us. No sweat.


  1. I have been WAITING for this post, and I must admit...I teared up a little. She looks beautiful and she's definitely doesn't hurt that her bouquet is perfect as well :) Thanks for representing apartment 10 for us girlfriend. It makes my heart hurt seeing this pictures, knowing I couldn't be a part of it. Oh well. It's not like she's dead, right? her so much! And you too!!!!

  2. I have to say what a stunning wedding dress your friend was wearing. Those strapless, bare shouldered, arrangements are are in such poor taste for a wedding. It was refreshing to see your friends wedding dress (much like the Duchess of Cambridge). I always cried at weddings - even my own. I needed a handkerchief to wipe my nose! Love from your Granny in North Carolina.