Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The new house!

I got the key to move into my house yesterday. It may not have a dishwasher, and it may only have 1 bathroom for four girls (can anyone say disaster?), and the fridge MAY have stunk to the heavens when I first moved in, but here it is in all its glory. 
The ladies that lived here before had that couch on the porch! It's a bit of an
eyesore, but how does one exactly throw away a sofa? Perhaps to Goodwill....
but how to get there?

And yes, that is a fireplace you see. Will we use it? That is questionable. Lets say "to be determined" (meaning if we can figure out how to work it!) But it sure does feel like home already, which is surprising I think.
The kitchen is way nice, with the glass-in-the-door cabinets and a white stove. I do love the house and I'm so excited to see what it will look like when we have everything in! And my room mate will be new too! I'm excited for a new best friend.

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  1. WOW! House looks very nice. Great windows, hope you have a nice view. Sofa on the front porch! That's a Southern trademark! Pity about the one bathroom, you ladies will have to keep your makeup in your bedroom. Will you share your bedroom?
    My lawn looks like Pilling Park today. Andy, Belinda & John did a super landscaping yesterday.
    From your lucky Granny.