Friday, August 12, 2011

A little guy

My friend Katie found this little birdie on her doorstep, so naturally she took him in. However, Katie had the landlord coming around today, and unfortunately we can't have animals! So I birdsat little guy for a while. What a cutie! He would get cold and just start chirping and chirping! Then, when you held him or put him in the sun he would just stretch up on his big feet and get real tall and close his little eyes. He would make my heart melt (not that I even know its a he... kinda hard to tell with all the feathers:)

Excuse the sideways photos... for whatever reason I would save the photo as vertical, but yet when I put it on my blog it would do its own little thing. 

Maybe I was a little obsessed. But he was just so fluffy! and cute! But I took this little video of him cause he had been following me around earlier. Ha, but in the video, he got so caught up in the warmth of the sunlight that he forgot about following me for a while. But then he starts scurrying, and he is just the little fluff scooting around!

After birdwatching and packing up the kitchen to move this Saturday, I worked all day. What we do for the money, right? Thanks for your comment last time Phoebe, always makes me feel better :)


  1. What did you feed little Ralphie? Your Grandpa Pinky had a little birdie (rescued from cutting the wheatfield when he lived on the farm) They made him a nest in a shoebox and fed him "worms" from the ears of corn (which they also grew). The little bird grew up flying in and out of the house, until one day (in the spring) he flew outside and did not return. (Thay think he may have fell in love) Ahhhhhhh.

  2. Oh my gosh he is adorable....I want him! That's what we should have gotten instead of that crazy hamster!!!