Thursday, June 16, 2011

Operation Norwich: SUCCESS!

After a sweaty hour riding the tube and lugging my 985758575 lb suitcase around London, a 3 hour bus ride, and a taxi ride, I made it to Norwich without a hitch! I was just a touch nervous about it, thats all.

Thel and I took a bus to Sainsbury`s today. Was lovely, but I think I know that store like the back of my hand now. Thel, Ken, and I are going to Diss tomorrow and meeting with one of Ken`s friends who used to be  a RSM (Royal Seargeant Major I think is what that comes out to) for London. AKA one of those red-jacketed guards with the funny bearskin hats (I believe they are still made out of bearskin... I'll ask :)

I`m at the library posting this, about a 10 min walk from Thel`s house. Pretty convenient, eh?

xoxo, han

PS an edit to this post after talking with said ex RSM... the hats ARE still made out of bear skin (Canada Black bears) and are "hoovered" regularly as he put it. Vacuumed you know to get all the dust out :) Sweet man, Steve was his name, also gave me a Queen's Coat of Arms patch and pin that he would wear on his coat sleeve! I felt like a 5 year old on Christmas day.

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  1. WOW! How did you do that? I didnt know you would be able to do that from Thels. I do remember there is a big tower loaded with electronic devices on it in sight of Thels. Actually not far from where Bessie Lives! Relieved you got to Norwich safely. Thought about you. I reckon you will read this. Give my love to my dear sister. Phoebe