Sunday, July 3, 2011

and Miracles do happen!

So I had said it would be a miracle if Deanna and I caught our 6:30am flight to Venice, and y'all, we did. a little miracle did happen.

And it was kind of a miracle because for starters we got to bed at 11:30pm and had to wake up at 1am! Yikes. And poor Deanna had just had a 10 or so hour flight. What a trooper. But we woke up on time, praise to the heavens, and got outside to catch the bus at 2:09am. However, my contacts were going all funny and I couldn't read the map, so expert navigator Deanna successfully got us on and off the bus at the right stops in a country that she had only been in for 13 hours. And Deanna wins the gold.

The hitch was that we transferred to the right bus station, but it never came (after asking several people on the street if they knew if it was coming, several of whom had had a BIT too much of the So 20 min before our booked coach bus left the station, we were still quite a ways a way cause the dumb city bus never came. Sooo, we asked another city bus driver for help and sweet soul got us on our way and told us what alternate bus to take. However, at that point we were cuttin to the wire on time, so we decided to get a cab. Unfortunately, neither of us had cash. Really. Why are the fates against us?

 So I ran down the block and found an ATM just in time to get the cash and dash. We got a cab and got to the bus station with a few minutes to spare. Miracle? Uh huh.

At the moment, I am in Venice at the hostel (called A Venice Museum) using the free Wifi (awesome). Venice is a dream.  Though navigating around is a bit tricky. The walking streets go straight for about 2 yards, and then they connect with another street. So we keep having to get out the map every block to see what street to turn on!

Also, the city is so quiet without cars. It's a bit eerie, really. And despite all the stuff I've been reading about tourists taking over Venice, there doesn't seem to be that many really. Many times today, Deanna and I were completely on our own walking through different parts of town.

Gallerie Academia museum we went to today. Interesting cause the building was
quite in disrepair yet it was housing these priceless and beautiful works
of art. 
Church of Santa Maria della Salute. This picture, though beautiful,
doesn't do it justice. The sculptures on the building were 3-D ish,
bathed in all these lovely shadows and coming out quite far from the building.
Also, Tuesday is when we'll be heading to Rome via train. This one is a bit easier to catch at 9:39am, so hopefully it'll go ok. We are due to arrive in Rome at 1:13pm and are looking forward to it.

Love to all and so glad family got the package. And I heard about the little rock band get-together John had with the dudes and the chat you parents had with a friend of mine :) Gimme the details! Also, I'm enthralled that you guys went on a vacation to Topsail. I think this is the first holiday in what, 15 years?? You deserve it. love to all, xoxo


  1. Lucky Venice. you will have a typical tourist day! I expect you will take a ride on the canals, but I understand gondolas are rather expensive! Then, Rome tomorrow, Tuesday. How long will you be there before on to Gay Paree?
    Is Deanna going to Norwich with you? You do not have to go thru London to get to Norwich. KLM (Dutch) AirLines fly directly to Norwich Airport from Amsterdam. Love from your Granny.

  2. Han! I am so so so so excited for you seeing all of the awesome things in Venice, Rome and soon to be Paris. Oh man, my favorite places in the world. :). K so in Paris, you HAVE to eat in the Latin quarter at this bakery, and do a lot of shopping. The bakery is on a corner and has a green tarp around it. It is near the end of one of the streets that runs north and south and is near the west side of the Latin quarter. BEST crossaints of the whole trip were there. Also, the cheapest food was there, so it was a place we frequented a lot. Please also climb Notre Dame... that was one of my favorite things we did. OH I am so excited for you. Sounds like you are just having the time of your life. Love you!

  3. Oh my gracious!! That was SO CLOSE with you and Dee! Praise the Lord you got the flight! (my friend Allie got lost in London about a month ago by herself ahh) ...sooooooo thankful. So the architecture in Venice looks beautiful but that is extremely weird that it's so empty! no cars huh? hope the adventures continue, but positive ones! lol. love from AL.