Saturday, July 2, 2011

In London safe! late but safe.

Due to my bus not being properly marked (and my own silliness) I missed my bus to London at 8am but fortunately was able to sort it out and take the 9am one. The tube in London was a huge mess as many lines were closed! Therefore... Ms Deanna had to wait about an hour at the airport (glad it took her a while to get through customs! means she didn't have to wait on me quite as long). But I found her ok in the airport (after a call to her mobile from a payphone!) and we made it to London safe 'n' sound. Relief.

If we can catch our plane tomorrow morn without a hitch, it'll be a miracle! Cross y'alls fingers for us. xoxo


  1. 6.30 Saturday, your Dad and Mum are coming to do some gardening (waiting for the temp. to cool a little). Oh my ... so glad you found Deanna. She was probably worried that you were not waiting for her. I know how crowded it can be at Gatwick (or was it Heathrow). You should be in bed now - but up early to get to Stansted? I think so. Love you and happy you have a friend with you.

  2. AhHa, and how to you get from Venice to Rome? It seems like quite a distance (on the map), but doable by bus or train. And when do you make this trip? We cant worry about you adequatly if we dont know the day to worry. (You are in a strange land you know!) CHIOU

  3. Glad you made it safe! I'm excited to hear about your next adventures!!!