Sunday, July 17, 2011

Honestly. The other night I had a dream that I was lost in an art museum. And there were paintings by Constable in there. You know Europe made an impression on you when...

Also, Deanna gave me some pictures from our trip and I'll give a little teaser here... with more to come.
Venice-> one of the many bridges crossing the Grand Canal. You can
see the Santa Maria della Salute church in the background, the one
with the dome, that I blogged about earlier I think.
Rome-> Dee and I at the Colosseum. Crazy how we all love this place even
though it was used for so much bloodshed and violence! On an information
plaque about the gladiator fights, it said that afterwards people would mop
up the spilt blood with sponges and sell it. It was thought to be a cure for
epilepsy. Gross!
Rome-> So beautiful! Our view from the top of the dome atop St. Peter's Basilica
in the Vatican. We had to pay 5 euro to go up the stairs for the view but it
was well worth the burn in the bum! You can see the backs of the statues
that lined the top of the church like sentinels and down into the huge square below.
Paris-> In that glass pyramid at the Louvre. In our opinion (it is possible
we may have been arted out at this point) the building itself was way more
stunning than most of the artwork inside of it. I gotta be honest, the Mona
Lisa painting seemed a bore! Almost a sin, I know...
Paris-> I'm tryin my darndest to get a good portrait,
but notice Eiffel Tower back there... looking so good
without even trying in every pic! This was taken
off the Arc de Triumphe.
Paris-> There's old Eiffel again, and cute Deanna!


  1. Great to hear from you, Hannah...Great pictures here, and of you and Deanna on Facebook. So glad to know you got home to Utah safely and Joel met you at the airport.
    Your dream of the painter "Constable" intrigued me -he painted a lot of landscapes of Norfolk (England). Spoke to Thellie- great scott! you got to Norwich 7 pm'ish and had to leave to catch your flight to US next morning at 3.30 am!You must've been worn out. Cheerio for now!

  2. Han... this post (and the one after it) made me so darn happy. I can't wait to compare notes and laugh about our experiences abroad. Oh how I miss Paris. I want to go back next spring, and all the years after that. It is going to be an expensive hobby. I loved Paris too, I feel like I left a piece of me there. Oh, I miss you!! Can't wait to see you in just a little more than a month. Love you!

  3. Also, I NIGHTLY have dreams about being in an art museum, or somewhere in one of those lovely countries... It is awesome.