Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Rome-> At the Vatican, you saw all kinds, including lotsa nuns.
And this nun wasn't chancing any sunburn, as she was wearing
 an umbrella hat. 
Rome-> All over the place were these 24/7
running fountains. I'm not quite sure how Rome pulls these off, but they
 run continuously and are cold and good to drink!
They saved Deanna and I a lot.
Paris-> This guy had his cat slung over his shoulder.
Why? How?  Dee and I did not know the answers-- but seriously.
Why isn't kitty inside? And if he's outside, Why is he slung over
the guy's shoulder? ha

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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Hannah. You are 21 today, 21 today, Got the key of the kitchen door, never been so happy before! (Olde English song!)
    Waiting for another blog of your trip back to Utah and all the aggravations that went along with it!
    Thinking of you on this special day...Love from your Granny.